Why Qomply?

At Qomply, we specialize in providing robust anti-money laundering (AML) solutions tailored to the unique needs of financial institutions. Our team of compliance experts and technologists has developed innovative tools and services that not only meet but exceed global regulatory standards. With Qomply, you gain a strategic partner dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of your AML practices.

Configurable Transaction Monitoring System (TMS) Rules

Our advanced TMS empowers your institution with configurable rules that enhance detection capabilities. Adjust sensitivity, tailor parameters, and refine scenarios to capture the most relevant and risk-oriented activities. This system is designed to streamline the detection of unusual patterns that may indicate money laundering or other financial crimes.

Advanced Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) Module

Go beyond basic compliance checks with our EDD module, which provides detailed insights into potentially risky clients. This module is essential for dealing with high-risk customers and complex entity structures, offering deep analytical capabilities and comprehensive risk assessment tools to ensure thorough vetting.

Strong Watchlist Integration

Ensure compliance with international standards with our robust watchlist integration. Automatically screen clients against global and regional sanctions lists, PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons), and adverse media. This feature updates in real-time to provide continuous protection against regulatory breaches.

Simple Yet Powerful Alert Management

Optimize your alert management system with our powerful yet user-friendly interface. Prioritize and manage alerts efficiently, reducing false positives and focusing resources on true threats. Our system provides clear, actionable insights, allowing for quick decision-making and effective risk mitigation.

Multi-purpose Investigation Module

Streamline your investigative processes with our comprehensive module designed for versatility and effectiveness. Handle alerts, conduct in-depth investigations, and manage case workflows in a centralized, secure environment. Our tools are designed to integrate with existing systems, providing a seamless user experience and enhancing investigative accuracy and response times.

Enhanced Screening Service with Proprietary Algorithms

Benefit from our Enhanced Screening Service, powered by proprietary algorithms that set new standards in precision and speed. These algorithms are designed to detect subtle patterns and hidden risks, offering a superior level of scrutiny that is crucial in today’s regulatory environment.


AML Services

Qomply offers comprehensive services ranging from system implementation and integration to ongoing support and training. Our experts are committed to ensuring that your AML solutions are not only effective but also evolve with changing regulations and threats. Tailored consultancy services are also available to refine and enhance your AML framework.

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