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We are an IT Product Engineering company with passion in our DNA. We architect  fantastic solutions which makes your life easier. We innovate Traditional Technology into Future. We do everything based on proven principles with our outstanding technology toolkit, which ultimately benefits you as our valuable Customer.
Micro-Services Based Architecture
Highly Scalable
High Performance
Innovative UI Design
Micro-Services Based Architecture
Legacy systems are known for stress and down-times in peak hours even today, which impacts Business & customer satisfaction.
Great Organizations like yours need greater Systems which requires greatest engineering. With Micro-Services architecture, our solutions are scalable in multiple dimensions. With the power of micro-services business can achieve consistent performance and absolute customer satisfaction.
S-a-a-S Enabled
Tired of managing IT infrastructure and complexities associated with?
Move to our fully managed Software as-a-Service model. Directly serving from most advanced data centers, administered by our experts, monitored by our Cyber-Security team 24 x 7, your organization can focus on your Business.
Screening is one of the most important features when it comes to Compliance. We have spent tremendous man-hours to develop a dedicated Product to Screen Names against Sanctions & Watchlists to best identify the matches while reducing the possibility of false positives. With the power of Parallel computing & Concurrency, our Enhanced Screening Service responds with highest accuracy & performance – in less than a second
Multi Factor Authentication
Digitalization is becoming more popular, and we have engineered our solutions to be digital ready and accessible via your mobile gadgets.
Offering high performance is not easy while maintaining highest security standards. We have designed our products with utmost security practices such multi-factor authentication to ensure the identity of the end-user, Even implemented Multi-Level Authentication on transactions to ensure maximum transactional security, without compromising in simplicity.
Risk Based Approach
When we talk about Risk-Based approach, its all about risk assessment efficiency of your organization and to respond to it with greater agility.Being agile in nature to comply with regulatory requirements time to time is a challenge if your systems are not flexible to follow. We have made the most agile system which can take shape of your requirements with highest degree of configurability and simplicity, and of course not compromising in your overall business performance.


· Multi-Policy Deployment
· Water-model Policy Creation & Administration
· Pre-Activation checks
· Justification guaranteed assessment & Categorization
· Forward directional Risk ranking.
What if the data you saved in the data-store is tampered? How do you ensure that the data is secure and tamper-proof?
Introducing first time, Built-in data Tamper-proof which ensures and prevents data tampering, with a quick notification on tampered records. Further, you can heal a tampered record into its original state from our Recover option provided in the system.
Operating System Like GUI
When we hear about a software program, we are programmed to imagine Text Oriented Menu based applications. We thought of re-imagining this area to bring a much familiar look and feel for our favorite software – Like an Operating system GUI.
ThoughtBox FinTech Platform is highly scalable in multi-dimensions. With Kubernetes / OpenShift based deployment model, you can achieve:
Powered to survive Disaster situations, with Zero down time guaranteed. The built-in database engine guarantees 100% data synchronization in real-time and supports multi-regional real-time data replication. If anything goes wrong, you can seamlessly switch to your DR sites or you can configure to auto-failover with our advanced automation setup. Even, you can fully utilize your Production & DR sites at-a-time, hence making your investment in Disaster Management more meaningful.
Regulatory requirements are improving day by day. To be on the race, your organization need to be well compliant with the Regulations. With our most advanced and flexible C-a-a-S model, we manage the role of your Compliance System where you can simply focus on your business.
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